Finding the perfect piano for your school’s music program can be an exciting experience. However, with so many things to consider, it can be difficult to decide which piano is BEST for your students.

At we understand the need to provide your students with durable high-performance instruments. While we offer a wide selection of beautiful pianos to suit any program, our FourStar Premium Reconditioned Yamaha Pianos are an excellent choice for students of all levels and ages.

Although FourStar offers a host of Premium Reconditioned Pianos There is one model that stands out above all others, the Yamaha U Series. This is Yamaha’s premium model. It is manufactured exclusively in Japan by the most highly skilled piano technicians in the world.

Great pride is taken to ensure all Yamaha U Series pianos are crafted to meet the highest quality control standards. The FourStar reconditioning process As such, you can always be rest-assured you are purchasing a piano that will last for years to come.

As the world’s most popular piano, the U Series provides schools and students a host of unparalleled benefits.

  • Exceptional touch,allowing for great playability
  • A full rich, musical tone
  • Even dynamic range throughout the entire keyboard
  • Needed power to fill almost every musical space
These pianos are perfect for students in any level and program all the way from Primary school through higher education